Out of joint: the story of ASR
Statistical analysis of arthroplasty data. I - Introduction and background
Statistical analysis of arthroplasty data. II - Guidelines
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EAR Book – Quality of Datasets
EAR Handbook - Registers Development
The Geneva Hip Arthroplasty Registry
Message from the Chairman of RPA 

The Portuguese Arthroplasty Register (RPA) was created by the Portuguese Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (SPOT). The official launching of the register took place on June 1st 2009.

Pathology associated to Orthopaedics and Traumatology has been increasing along with the increase of life expectancy, and it is predictable that the number of patients treated in this specialty should significantly increase.

The replacement of a joint with an implant, is a very rewarding surgical procedure, which results in significant gains in functionality and quality of life. These results are almost immediate, but the maintenance of these objectives in the medium and long term can only be confirmed if independent and quality records are kept. This is where the records generally and the Portuguese Arthroplasty Register, in particular, play a key role because they are independent, and they have no other purpose, other than the divulging of data regarding the implants which are used.

We cannot fail to be attentive to the economic reality of our country, as the budgetary constraints arising from the financial, economic and social crisis, may restrict our choices in terms of treatment options.

Reading the records can and should translate into lessons that may lead us to choose the most appropriate implants for our patients.

The data collected give us indications about the quality, longevity and complications associated with certain implants.

We count on all Orthopaedists so we can achieve a higher rate of registration, continuing to rely on those who register all the arthroplasties they perform, and also on those who have not yet registered or do so on an occasional basis.


1st Annual Report


Consensus statement “Current Evidence on the Management of Metal-on-Metal Bearings”
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Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks
Request for a scientific opinion on the safety of metal-on-metal joint replacements with a particular focus on hip implants
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